*** BILDplus content *** It is not her husband – Melanie Müller cuddles with someone else!

Actually, she wanted to save her marriage …

Melanie Müller holds hands with another man

The photos! Malle-Star turtles through Berlin at night ++ Who’s the new at your side

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The Malle star very cuddly – with another man …

In “Celebrity Big Brother” a drama took place between Ballermann singer Melanie Müller (33) and husband Mike Blümer (56). On the show, she revealed that their relationship was in crisis, whereupon Mike was ordered by Sat.1 into the celebrity container for discussion.

The goal: a clarifying conversation between the married couple. Melanie wanted to save their relationship.

And now this: Melanie was spotted holding hands with another man in Berlin. Here are the photos!

Find out with BILDplus what Melanie Müller has to say about the photos, how things are going with their marriage – and who the guy is with whom she traveled through Berlin.

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