*** BILDplus content *** Kostas Papanastasiou’s son speaks – “Lindenstrasse” host died of kidney failure

Son of the TV star about dad’s last hours

“Lindenstrasse” host died
from kidney failure

Kostas Papanastasious suffered from dementia ++ “The call from the clinic came that night”

Photo: DAVIDS / Sven Darmer

Germany’s most famous Greek Kostas Papanastasiou died on Sunday at the age of 84. From 1985 to 1996 he played in the popular ARD series “Lindenstrasse” and remains unforgettable to millions of TV viewers as the Greek host Panaiotis Sarikakis.

Now the son of the famous “Lindenstrasse” landlord speaks for the first time in detail about the death of his father.

Read with BILDplus what the TV star’s last hours were like, how his son said goodbye to him and how the funeral service is planned.

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