*** BILDplus content *** Philipp Stehler – After the bowel operation, my ex suddenly broke up

“Bachelorette” candidate Philipp Stehler had an artificial outcome

After the intestinal surgery
my ex suddenly broke up

Photo: philipp_stehler / Instagram

Fitness influencer Philipp Stehler (33) became known as a candidate for the third “Bachelorette” season. What he didn’t tell anyone at the time: He had serious bowel problems, had to undergo an operation and was given an artificial anus.

For years he suffered from ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammation of the large intestine. In an interview with BILD, the actor (“K11 – The New Cases”) talks about the worst time of his life.

The time that almost cost him his life. How he felt in the hospital and after the operation, how the pain felt, how bad it was for his health – and that his ex-girlfriend dumped him while he was still in the clinic …

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