*** BILDplus content *** Series star Ulrike Frank – This GZSZ death blew me away

Series darling Ulrike Frank

This GZSZ death has
blew me away

And how Katrin Flemming gets herself in the mood before every shoot

GZSZ star Ulrike Frank: This serial death blew my mind
Photo: RTL / Rolf Baumgartner, RTL / Bernd Jaworek

She is the only one who can hold a candle to Jo Gerner when it comes to intrigues!

In addition to Wolfgang Bahro (61), who is the GZSZ veteran as Jo Gerner, Ulrike Frank (53) is his female counterpart and is also THE figurehead of the series. To mark the 30th anniversary of the series, RTL is broadcasting a feature-length episode in which Ulrike Frank once again plays a particularly important role as Katrin Flemming…

Read the interview with her here exclusively on BILDplus! Ulrike Frank about her most beautiful GZSZ experiences, the most blatant serial death, her shooting routine and her life away from the soap cameras.

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