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Cleverly threaded celebrity couples

And the Oscar for Greatest Fake Love goes to…

Kristen Stewart, Tom Cruise and Co: Cleverly arranged celebrity couples
Photo: Getty Images for Netflix, WireImage/Getty Images

New Movie + New Relationship = Box Office Success?

The actors Michele Morrone (31) and Anna-Maria Sieklucka (29) probably thought so too. Because just in time for the second part of the controversial erotic drama “365 Days”, the two main actors were caught holding hands in Milan. Conicidence? Perhaps.

Because in order to increase viewer ratings, to get a better image or just because of the much-loved attention: celebrities fake “true love” again and again. True to the motto: the main thing is that you stand out!

But who has done it? Curtain up on the stars’ (allegedly) biggest fake relationships.

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