*** BILDplus content *** Three dead elephants! – Eddy about circus star René Casselly

Tomorrow he will dance in the “Let’s Dance” semifinals

Dead elephants, a dead giraffe – fuss about artist René Casselly

Photo: rene_casselly/Instagram

Does the past catch up with him?

Talented, professional and in a good mood – circus artist René Casselly (25) is one of the favorites of the current “Let’s Dance” season. Together with professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger (33), the “Ninja Warrior Germany” star (he became the first German Ninja Warrior in 2021) danced into the semifinals and is fighting for the final on Friday.

It was not always easy for elephant trainer René, who had to face harsh allegations in the past. Accordingly, three dead elephants and a dead giraffe are to be attributed to the 25-year-old and his family.

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