*** BILDplus content *** While snogging his new girl – Julian talks about Ex Bibi!

Bibi and Julian – this love-off still raises so many questions after almost five months. Who cheated on whom first? Why did Bibi go into hiding after the breakup? And how is the ex-couple doing with their new life anyway?

In the case of Julian Classen (29), you only have to start Instagram for a moment, where he simply documents everything. Julian in the pool, Julian drinks something, Julian kisses his Tanja (25), Julian calls with a banana (yes, seriously).

With ex-wife Bibi (29) things are different. The former social media superstar has been very rare since the separation shock in May, and fans rarely have a sign of life.

Are the former YouTube dream couple still in touch?

Julian has now given a surprising Bibi update. How she is doing, how the ex-couple really stands by each other – you can read that with BILDplus!

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