Bill Gates is also building an experimental nuclear reactor

Terrapower will build another nuclear power plant in Idaho (USA) together with the energy supplier Southern Company. It is the second project that the company Bill Gates is involved in has started in this area. This time the nuclear power plant is to get a reactor made of experimental, molten chloride, which is funded by the Ministry of Energy $ 170 million heavy project too 80 percent, reported Business Insider.

The project itself is being implemented by the Southern Company and is based on Terrapower’s technology. The company will develop the reactor from molten chloride.

What exactly is planned

Terrapower’s first mini nuclear power plant will be built in Wyoming (USA) and is scheduled to go into operation in 2028. There the nuclear power plant is cooled with sodium. The new project in Idaho is different. Idaho is using a different technology with molten chloride. This means that the power plant can be operated at higher temperatures than usual. Plus it’s a carbon free energy source. According to the Southern Company, the plan is to test and research this new technology first over the next five years. Terrapower initially did not want to comment on the project.

80 percent of the $ 170 million budgeted for the project will flow from the US state. As early as 2015, the two companies had one 40 million received from the state to research the necessary infrastructure for such reactors. The experimental nuclear reactor will initially be less than 500 Kilowatt Generate energy. In the final commercial stage it should 720 Megawatt will. The Idaho reactor is supposed to 2026 go into operation.

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