Bill Gates Reveals His Five Favorite Books Of All Time With Perfect Gift Ideas This Christmas

Bill Gates For years, it has been an obligatory reference for almost any current issue, regardless of the area in which the controversy arises.

We saw him recently with his turbulent opinion on the armed invasion conflict between Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, it has the clear history of having predicted the global pandemic of Covid-19 years after it happened.

But the reality is that the Microsoft co-founder has some other emotional traditions that are much more harmless.

For example, the videos on his YouTube channel, where he shares reflections on current issues, while providing constant book recommendations to discover year after year.

In fact, always, just before the start of the month of December, Bill Gates usually publishes a list of the best books he read all year.

It has always been done as a recommendation as a list of potential good gift ideas for this Christmas and Easter season. But this year he did something different that took us by surprise.

Bill Gates reveals the list of his five favorite books of all time

Since Microsoft left the blog of Gates Notes It has become something like the official website of Bill Gates and it is right from this page that the subject surprised us with his book count for this 2022.

Where we finally explained why months ago he shared his list of recommendations of what he read in 2022. And it is that for this occasion of the year Gates prepared us a special list with his five favorite books of all time:

Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein

A sci-fi classic from the 1960s. A favorite of Bill Gates discovered during his years as a teenage student.

Surrender, by Bono

The lead singer of the band U2 (ask your parents about her) is also an excellent writer apparently. It is an autobiographical book that meant a lot to Bill.

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

A biographical text about Abraham Lincoln by a well-known author in that genre who finally achieves her masterpiece with this historical character.

The Inner Game of Tennis by Robert Gallwey

As a tennis lover this book is relatively a personal whim of Bill Gates.

Mendeleyev’s Dream, by Paul Strathern

‚ÄúStrathern describes the history of the periodic table as ‘a whimsical parable of human aspiration,’ and I agree.

The history of chemistry tells us as much about the evolution of human thought as it does about the science of matter.

There is something for everyone. Although universally known classics are absent.

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