Billions for retirement: why the prospects for retirees are rosy

Billions for retirement: why the prospects for retirees are rosy

The regular pension adjustment in the summer will “probably turn out properly”. These are the reasons why the pension boss is optimistic.

The (anticipatory) anticipation of retirement is often not undiminished. Many Germans fear not having enough money in old age. But there are cautious ones all clear from a competent source, from the President of the German Pension Insurance Association, Gundula Roßbach. Then:

  • The treasury looks after her words very good out of;
  • The past year went surprisingly well and brought you Surplus of 3.4 billion euros – “We had not expected that”;
  • workers can rely on stable posts and retirees on one surcharge be happy.

That the regular adjustment will “probably fail properly” in the summer, however, is not the merit of the pension insurance. It has always been due to the fact that pensions follow wage developments.

If wages rise, pensions will rise as well. Whether retirees will be more optimistic about the future is another matter. The amount of pensions is only one factor.

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Pension increase: “It will probably be decent”

In principle, Roßbach can take away a fear from them. She told the “Bild am Sonntag, “The pension is and will remain stable”. A few years ago she would have been laughed at for saying something like that.

Don’t worry, it’s psychology that counts, especially in pension policy. And yet Roßbach’s statements not just wishful thinking. Rather? fact based. Because the revenue increases. And with them the reserves.

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The general mood of crisis – probably a consequence of the inflation in the course of the Ukraine war – stands in contrast to the labor market. In plain language: The economic situation is better than the mood. The labor market is doing well, workers are urgently needed, and the mostly younger immigrants are increasing the number of contributors.

Retirement: Why the pension boss is optimistic

Even if strikes are sometimes a nuisance, they often result in a bigger gulp from the bottle, as was the case recently with the post office. The previous wage agreements give Roßbach an idea that the 21 million pensioners in the country “can also hope for a pension premium in the coming years”.


Pension in Germany – facts and history

  • System: Die statutory pension works according to the equivalence and solidarity principle.
  • Annuity types: There are still those Basic, disability and survivor’s pension.
  • exceptions: A large majority of the self-employed and freelancers are exempt from compulsory insurance.
  • Financing: The statutory pension in Germany is fundamental pay-as-you-go.
  • Problems: The problems of underfunding arise mainly from the increasing aging population in Germany.
  • Three pillars: Die retirement provision in Germany is based on three pillars. This includes statutory, company and private pension schemes.
  • Origin: She became Chancellor on July 22, 1889 Otto von Bismarck officially introduced.


The July 1st increase willprobably turn out neatAccording to Roßbach. According to forecasts from the autumn, there could be around 3.5 percent more in the west and even 4.2 percent in the east.

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) encourages the head of pensions in her optimism. A strong job market leads to stable pensions, he said in an interview. “This is also reflected in the good development of the sustainability reserve of the statutory pension insurance, which has increased to 42.7 billion euros according to the preliminary results,” he explained.

Heil wants to enter this year pension package bring on the way. He plans to permanently secure the pension level at at least 48 percent of the average wage. So far, however, he has failed to produce a corresponding draft law. The reason is an open secret in political circles. Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) also wants to specify the details of the stock pension he is planning in the pension package. Read about it: Equity pension: Is Sweden a model for Germany?

From the mid-2030s, this is intended to relieve the pension insurance system through proceeds on the capital markets. So he uses Heil’s pension pact as a political bargaining chip for his plans. There is only both together. And the FDP, Greens and SPD are arguing about that.

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