Bing chat responses can now be shared on Facebook and other social networks

Bing chat responses can now be shared on Facebook and other social networks

Microsoft’s new Bing experience is still in the testing phase, but the good news is that it’s rapidly evolving to be more functional. The software giant is hard at work adding new features to make the new Bing more useful for users. The latest addition is the ability to share Bing chat responses with others.

In an official blog post, Microsoft announced that the new Bing chatbot is now equipped with the ability to allow users to share chat responses with people on different social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email. Also, you can copy the link to the chat answer and share it with anyone you want.

By sharing the responses on social media, Bing users will indirectly encourage more people to try the platform’s new feature. In addition to an increase in Bing’s market share, by encouraging more people to use the chatbot, Microsoft will also learn more about the usage pattern, which will be beneficial in improving the overall experience in the near future.

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has added a plethora of new features to the new Bing experience, including faster response by implementing GPT-4 technologies, Skype chats with Bing, increasing the maximum number of turns you can have in a single conversation with Bing (from 10 to 15), number of shifts per day (from 120 to 150), and more.

Are you using the new Bing chat? What are you thinking of the experience?

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