Biodegradable confetti, solar panels: Coldplay announces an eco-responsible tour for 2022

The band members have spent the past two years consulting with environmental experts in order to make this tour as sustainable as possible.

Biodegradable confetti, eco-friendly cups and less goodies: the British group Coldplay announced on Thursday a new world tour in 2022, the “most sustainable possible” and almost entirely powered by solar panels, a durable portable battery and a kinetic floor.

“Playing live and being connected to people is the reason the band exists,” but “at the same time, we are very aware that the planet is facing a climate crisis,” Coldplay said on Twitter.

The members of the group have “therefore spent the last two years consulting environmental experts in order to make this tour as sustainable as possible”, but “above all, to exploit the potential of the tour to get things done”, have- they added.

Produce energy on site

For this new tour, celebrating their latest album Music of The Spheres which comes out on Friday, the group will use “the very first rechargeable and removable show battery in the world”, in place of the usual diesel or gasoline generators.

Fans will also be able to generate electricity for the concert using a kinetic floor and electric bicycles, and solar panels will be installed.

Coldplay hopes to fuel its concerts “almost entirely with renewable energy” and “reduce (its) carbon footprint”, promising on their site to reduce their CO2 emissions by 50% compared to their 2016-2017 tour.

In 2019, singer Chris Martin announced that the group would not tour the world to promote their previous album, Everyday Life, and that they wouldn’t tour anymore until they found a way to make their concerts more environmentally friendly.

Reduce the production of luminous bracelets by 80%

Among the main problems identified: theft to concerts and the use of products such as plastic water bottles. For their new tour, fans will be encouraged to bring their own bottle or use reusable eco-cups, and those who have traveled with low carbon emissions will receive “a discount code to be used at the venue”.

The group is also committed to using only biodegradable confetti, as well as to reducing by 80% its production of luminous bracelets – now 100% compostable – worn by the public, by sterilizing them and reusing them between shows.

“We won’t get it all right, but we are committed to doing all we can and sharing what we learn,” Coldplay promised.

In the UK, music events generate 405,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, according to Global Citizen, organizer of “zero waste” festivals.

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