Bionicook: fast food fully operated by robot is already a reality in Brazil

Bionicook is the world’s first robotic fast food. Developed by Brazilian businessman Fábio Rezler, there are already two business units in operation in Brazil, one at the Guarulhos International Airport (SP) and the other at the Carrão subway station, on the east side of the city of São Paulo.

In addition to promising at least an interesting experience for consumers, it intends to bring a promising return to investors in the brand’s own stores or in the franchise model.

This business model without human workers is beginning to develop on Brazilian soil. Retailer Americanas, for example, recently opened its first physical store without attendants.

Bionicook has already enchanted foreign consumers, having been featured at the Gitex Technology Week innovation fair, in Dubai, one of the main technology events in the world.

In times of pandemic, robotic fast food stood out mainly for being able to meet safety and health recommendations, offering quick snack options and streamlining the flow of people in busy places.

In a simple way, the consumer places his order through a touch screen digital screen and, immediately after confirming the payment, the robot starts the preparation. With 18 options for snacks and 15 for drinks, preparation is immediate and without human intervention.

With a mixed expansion proposal between its own stores and franchises, Bionicook seeks investors who intend to invest and monetize money in something profitable and really new. In the franchise model, the initial investment is around R$550 thousand, with an estimated return between 24 and 36 months. In Brazil, 40 units are expected to open by the end of 2022 and another 200 units within five years.

The city of Atlanta, in the United States, will be the first in foreign territory to receive two units until May 2022, according to the international expansion plan, as well as other units for the European market in the second half. Learn more about Bionicook neste link.

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