BioWare lead writer questions Mass Effect series success

Not so long ago it became known that Amazon Studios plans to create a TV series based on the series of games Mass Effect and is already negotiating with Electronic Arts, which, apparently, are close to successful completion. Screenwriter Drew Karpishin and composer Sam Hoolick have already volunteered to take part in the work.
Here comes the former lead screenwriter BioWare David Gaider not so sure is that the game plot can be successfully transferred to the screen. He sees difficulties with the upcoming screenplay right at the very beginning, at the moment of choosing the gender of the protagonist. And this choice in any case will alienate some of the fans.

In addition, the movie hero must have a personality and a story, while the game character both were created by the players themselves, by their own decisions. Gaider recalled that the heroes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age rather boring, and a lot of the stories and emotional involvement is passed on to the associates.

Think about these companions. Think about how many fans are attached to them. Now consider the fact that, heck, no plot can cover them all equally. Imagine the furious screams that partner X only appeared in a cameo … or did not appear at all.

David Gaider

According to Gaider, the series has a lot more opportunities to reveal the stories of companions, but it will be difficult to maintain integrity and consistency. Indeed, in the course of each passage, only a few of them carried an important role, and with only one romance was possible.

At the same time, it is highly likely that the creators of the series will not consider the minor characters as important as the main character, and will decide to shift the focus from them to the plot. And this will be the main mistake, since in games the plot acts only as a shell in which the player is involved through interactivity, decisions and their consequences.

Take it all away, get rid of most of the companions, and you will most likely end up with … a pretty run-of-the-mill sci-fi or fantasy show, one that even before the premiere managed to turn a large part of the loyal audience into angry and disgruntled opponents.

Anyway, good luck to the showrunners. They’ll need it!

David Gaider

The lead screenwriter acknowledged that there are ways to get things right beyond strict adaptation. It would probably be wise for the creators to forget about the familiar plot altogether and tell what Mass Effect is to those who are not familiar with the games – they will surely make up a significant part of the audience. But this approach may not appeal to fans of the series, who do not need such explanations.

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