Bioware’s hint of Shepard’s comeback in the next Mass Effect was a mistake

Mass Effect fans were in full swing this week, after Bioware apparently hinted that Commander Shepard might return in the series’ next installment. Now, however, it turns out that it was just a mistake.

The original description of the poster was incorrect.


It started when the official Bioware store released one Mass Effect poster for sale. The product description described the continuation of the space saga, and how Shepard and the gang will have to deal with the consequences of the brutal war against the Reapers.

Fans threw themselves in hoping to find answers to what it all meant, while several websites mentioned “the big comeback for Shepard”.

After several hours, the product description was abruptly changed to remove the Shepard name. Project director Michael Gamble from Bioware then took over Twitter to tell that it was all a mistake.

– Yes, it was a mistake. Fix, Gamble wrote before him tried to clear up what had happened.

– The original thing was written by people who run the store and who do not know the game.

The fact that Gamble did not directly reject the claim that Shepard will return, of course, only led to more speculation. However, many have pointed out that it can be difficult for Bioware to reintroduce the hero, given the many different ways he ended his journey in Mass Effect 3.

The developer has otherwise shared little official information about the next Mass Effect. Which characters are involved, for example, is not clear, and when the game will be launched we do not know either.

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