Birds return to Pepparholm after clearing

Ever since the island of Pepparholm was laid out in the late 90s in connection with the construction of the Öresund Bridge, nature has been allowed to develop without human intervention. But over the years, some trees and shrubs have grown so large that some bird species and light-demanding plants have disappeared. Last year, 10 of the island’s 130 hectares of land were cleared to increase biodiversity, and now we see how more species are returning.

The orchid meadow keys have spread on the island after the clearing. Photo: Johan Dernelius

– The orchid meadow keys have spread to more places and double keys are a completely new orchid species on the island, says Ulla V Eilersen, safety and environmental manager on the Øresund Bridge.

600 species of plants and about 30 species of birds

In early June, various experts inventoried the plant and animal life on the island for 24 hours, a so-called bioblitz. In total, there are about 600 plant species and about 30 bird species on the island.

– When the bridge was built, no one expected such great biodiversity here on Peberholm, says environmental consultant Hans Ohrt.

And already this autumn, it is time to clear the same area again, something that is planned to be done regularly to retain certain sensitive species.

A pond where green-spotted toad can be seen. The toad disappeared during the hot summer of 2018, but has now returned to a lesser extent. Photo: Johan Dernelius

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