Birkan Sokullu, will the “Innocents” actor marry model Eda Gürkaynak?

Birkan Sokullu, who plays Han in “Innocents”, is one of the most popular actors of the moment in Turkey. He is recognized for participating in various soap operas and television series, standing out for his great acting talent and for his great appeal.

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The protagonist of “Inocentes” has conquered thousands of followers around the world, who are aware of every movement or statement he makes. His private life always arouses interest, especially his romantic situation.

if you know that Birkan Sokullu has a relationship with model Eda Gürkaynak. They have been together for two years and are considered one of the strongest couples in the Ottoman show business. Now, rumors about a possible wedding have started to emerge and they have responded on the matter.

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Birkan Sokullu es pareja de la modelo Eda Gürkaynak (Photo: Birkan Sokullu/ Instagram)


Birkan Sokullu and Eda Gürkaynak, who have been together for two years, attended an event together and were approached by Turkish journalists when they left the place, who took the opportunity to ask them some questions about their romance and if they have marriage plans.

When asked if they have plans to get married, Birkan Sokullu, the protagonist of the series “Innocents”, answered the following: “I have no negative judgment on marriage. If we decide to do something like this one day, we will not hesitate to implement it. “

For her part, Eda Gürkaynak said that she is very happy and has a very good relationship with actor Birkan Sokullu. He clarified that they do not have wedding plans and that they are in no rush on the subject.

“Everything is going well. I am happy. No hurry. My family is very sincere and they love Birkan. They have known it from the beginning. I love that he has a good time with the family, ”said the model according to NTV Turkey.

Eda Gürkaynak also said that her boyfriend Birkan Sokullu gets along very well with his family and that he is well liked among his closest circle.

“He also knows my family. This is a very nice thing. We try to share our happiness with our own circle. Our synergy is very high. I hope it continues like this ”, he added.

When asked if it is difficult to be in a relationship with an actor, Gürkaynak replied: “Frankly, I don’t find it difficult to be with Birkan. It’s okay to be an actor, I love that creative side of him, I love his world, it feeds me a lot. I have no problem, “he said.

Likewise, the model affirmed that the relationship with the protagonist of the series “Inocentes” is going very well: “I respect and support Birkan’s work, and he respects and supports me. As long as things are going well, there is no problem ”, he declared.

Eda Gürkaynak is 27 years old, while her boyfriend is 36, who on October 6 celebrated his birthday.

Birkan Sokullu, 36, and Eda Gürkaynak, 27, have shown that they have a strong relationship. During the two years that they have been together they have been very much in love and have supported each other. But, for the moment, they do not think about reaching the altar.

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