Biskra: a father slaughters his 5-year-old daughter in the middle of the street

Feminicides, these horrendous, terrible and violent crimes committed against women, a scourge that continues to grow and often record many victims.

The figures of victims of the phenomenon of feminicides has now become alarming. Women are killed, burned and massacred by their relatives (husbands, brothers, fathers…), than by strangers. Therefore: no woman is now immune.

This is also what the drama unfolded in Biskra attests, where a man dared to end the life of his own daughter. Indeed, the facts of history took place this Monday, November 22, in Farfar, the wilaya of Biskra, when a forty-something went to the house of her in-laws, where they met her granddaughter of 05 years old and his wife, in order to visit them.

The respondent’s wife took her daughter and left for her parents’ house because of family problems with her husband.

A decision that the husband did not accept. His anger and rage have led him to take his daughter, under the pretext that he misses her and they want to get out, to commit a crime that all words do not suffice to describe it.

He slaughters his own daughter with cold blood

The latter massacred his own 05-year-old girl with a bladed weapon (knife) in the middle of the street, with cold blood, under the gaze and astonishment of all passers-by, in the village of Farfar in the wilaya of Biskra.

After committing the irreparable, the accused father immediately fled to an unknown destination, before he was arrested by the territorially competent security services.

Thus, the elements of the civil protection did not fail to intervene immediately on the scene of the incident, in order to transport the mortal remains of the victim to the hospital of the municipality of Tolga.

In addition, the Facebook page Feminicides Algeria, which continues to denounce these crimes and reveal them to society, reports that the alleged perpetrator of this murder was violent with his wife and daughter. The couple had even divorced because of it, to be reconciled some time later. A reconciliation that ended with a terrible crime committed on his own daughter, a five-year-old innocent little angel.

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