Bitkom ranking: Rats-TV and online citizens’ office: That’s how smart NRW cities are

The new ranking by the digital association Bitkom provides information on how fit large cities are when it comes to digitization. NRW is in the top ten several times.

How easy is it for people to get an appointment online at the Citizens Advice Bureau? Are there smart streetlights in the city? How fast is fiber optic expansion going? The digital association Bitkom answers these and other questions in its new Smart City Index. For the ranking, the auditors examined data from 81 cities with at least 100,000 inhabitants. Bochum, Düsseldorf and Gelsenkirchen were able to celebrate top ten places.

The almost 40-page Bitkom report lists five subject areas. While up to 100 points are awarded in administration for categories such as online services (change of registration, resident parking permit) or the user-friendliness of municipal websites, IT and communication are about the expansion of 5G and public WLAN, for example. Energy and the environment examines intelligent street lighting or the number of charging stations in the city, while mobility examines smart parking or all sharing offers.

Smart City Index: Good ratings for Bochum, Düsseldorf and Gelsenkirchen

Finally, the topic of society deals with categories such as public participation (Rats-TV) or the digital scene. Overall, Bitkom uses 36 indicators with almost 11,000 data points in the five areas. According to Bitkom, this data was also submitted to the cities for review prior to publication, and 79 percent of the municipalities took advantage of the offer.

The digital association used the data to determine a ranking in which Bochum was able to defend its place in the top ten with eighth place (77 points) overall. There are high ratings in the areas of society, mobility and administration. Düsseldorf also appears there – ninth place with 76.6 points even means an improvement of ten places compared to the previous year. Gelsenkirchen is also unbeatable – at least when it comes to IT and communication. 88.1 points result from top values ​​for broadband and fiber optic expansion.

The overall results of selected cities at a glance:

  • 1. Hamburg (86.1 points)
  • 4. Cologne (79.4)
  • 8. Bochum (77)
  • 9. Dusseldorf (76.6)
  • 17. Gelsenkirchen (72.7)
  • 19 Dortmund (71.8)

Also part of the ranking are Wuppertal (23rd), Essen (29th), Duisburg (41st), Hagen (51st), Oberhausen (52nd) and Herne (54th).

“No city has fallen behind in digitization compared to the previous year, the level has risen everywhere – but there are sometimes clear differences in the speed,” emphasized Bitkom President Achim Berg in a written statement on Tuesday. Go to the report here. (baro)

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