Bizarrap prepares another epic collaboration: going to release a song with Los Palmeras

Clearly Bizarrap is not afraid of any genre or any artist. Now he is going to add another collaboration that is going to break with everything. Marcos Camino, a member of Los Palmeras, was present on the radio FM Vida de Formosa and confirmed that together with the producer they are going to release a new song.

In the video, which begins with the artist sending greetings, he explains that they are preparing a new work, “a song, we are going to do a duet, an arrangement with Bizarrap. I send you a big greeting and when this progresses, I will let you know ”.

The video was later shared on social networks and there it began to go viral. “This is beautiful”, “The most ambitious crossover”, “my hips are already moving just imagining that song”, “the feat that nobody expected but we all need” and “But this is going to be the best summer of my life ”Were some of the reactions that the confirmation generated.

Bizarrap is going through a great moment. With the format BZRP Music SessionsIn addition to collaborating with some of the main exponents of urban music in Argentina, it continues to expand its geographical limits. Only in recent months has he received absolute legends such as Nicky Jam, the French MDH and Ptazeta, the Spanish that has been breaking it as a reference of the new musical generations for his country.

Today, in addition, it will be known Unfollow, the song in which he worked with Justin Quiles and Duki and that will be part of the album that the latter is preparing. In recent days it had been speculated that the song is the music session that has been requested so much, but with that confirmation the predictions were again wrong.


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