Bizarre appearance: Donald Trump sends signs to conspiracy believers

Ex-President Donald Trump is accused of being close to conspiracy ideologies. The song selection for a speech was interpreted as a hidden indication of his approval.Image: IMAGO / Starface

09/20/2022, 11:40 am09/20/2022, 12:07 p.m

Navid Moshgbar

In November stand in the United States Midterms to: the Midterms. The Republicans are doing everything they can to win back majorities in both chambers of Parliament from the Democrats. Now ex-President Donald Trump has indicated his affinity to supporters of a conspiracy ideology during an election campaign appearance.

Trump plays musical tribute to conspiracy believers

Trump delivered a speech in support of Republican Senate candidate James David Vance in Ohio.

JamesDavid "JD" Vance wants to move into the US Senate in November.  Donald Trump supports him.

James David “JD” Vance is set to enter the US Senate in November. Donald Trump supports him.Image: IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency

The performance of the former president in the city of Youngstown was accompanied by music, as “Der Spiegel” reports. Not unusual in itself. However, what causes a stir is the melody of the instrumental piece used: Because it was strikingly similar to the “hymn” of a conspiracy ideology.

As the “New York Times” reported, the song hardly differs from the conspirators’ identification song. Audience reaction: Numerous people stretched out their arms. This is interpreted as a sign of approval.

Trump spokesman denies allegations

Specifically, it is the “hymn” of the QAnon conspiracy. The message of the song selection: I support you. The affection is apparently mutual, as the reactions suggest.

Numerous QAnon supporters support Donald Trump.

Numerous QAnon supporters support Donald Trump.Credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Press

But Trump does not openly admit that. His spokesman, Taylor Budowich, denies the allegation. The connection between the instrumental piece and the conspiracy ideology is constructed by the media. The spokesman called it a “ridiculous attempt to provoke a scandal”. The song is the instrumental piece “Mirrors” from a public music platform.

This is what followers of the QAnon ideology believe

Noisy Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB), the main idea behind the QAnon ideology is the supposed conspiracy of a globally acting satanic elite. Her followers believe that this supposed elite children abuse to make a drug out of their blood. The drug is said to prevent aging.

Also, QAnon believers believe that Coronavirus was developed in a laboratory to prevent Trump’s re-election. They think the ex-president is a hero.

Trump has shown solidarity in the past

The reason: Trump is fighting against the so-called “deep state”, a state within a state that does not serve the interests of the people. The FBI classifies the QAnon ideology as dangerous because many supporters are violent and armed.

"Truth Social" is a social network founded by former US President Donald Trump.

“Truth Social” is a social network founded by former US President Donald Trump.Image: IMAGO / Future Image

It’s not the first time the ex-president has been linked to QAnon. According to the New York Times, Trump had shown himself with a Q badge on his own truth social network. Trump founded the social network himself after his Twitter account was permanently blocked.

As “Der Spiegel” writes, under the photo was the sentence: “The storm is brewing.” Another allusion: By “storm” QAnon supporters understand Trump’s seizure of power.

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