Black Desert: Drakania is coming to consoles in late May

Drakania is coming to the console version of the MMO Black Desert Online soon.

Pearl Abyss has now confirmed May 25, 2022 as the release date for the new class.

Create now

You already have the opportunity to create your own Drakania character in the game so that you can start right away at the official release.

Drakania is a new female class that harnesses the power of dragons, fighting with the two-handed Slayer and her secondary weapon, the Shard.

New season server and more

The new season server “Season: Drakania” will also come with the start of the new class. This is designed to help you level up. If you complete a mission chain there, you will receive various rewards and buffs.

Apart from that, the upcoming update also brings the revised monster zone “Abandoned Monastery”.

From now on, it will also be possible to explore the area in co-op mode, and you can also expect a higher probability of boss spawns.

“Lastly, players have the opportunity to obtain a new accessory that allows adventurers greater freedom in equipment planning and offers higher accuracy values,” it says.

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