Black Friday 2021: The best cruise bargains – Orient, Mediterranean, Christmas magic

Aida Cruise Bargains: The Black Friday Deals

Black Friday cruise offers extended: Being served aboard a floating hotel that takes you by sea to the most fascinating places in the world – cruises and cruises are still extremely popular. Because the “Aida” brand has almost become a synonym for cruises, we have again selected the best Aida offers for you around Black Friday 2021. We have also selected some tips for river cruises in Europe.

Black Friday Deals: The best cruises on the Aida

Cruise operator is luring you to Black Friday 2021 with several great offers *. It applies to all of them that there are various price ranges and several dates are offered. All cruise bargains have one thing in common: Interested parties should book quickly, because the special prices mean that the deals are likely to be sold out quickly.

Here are the 4 cruise offersthat are particularly worthwhile:

River cruise bargains: on the Danube or the Seine

Not only on the sea can you discover interesting destinations from the ship, the most beautiful cities in Europe are also visited on numerous river cruises. A-Rosa Flussschiff GmbH is one of the pioneers and leading providers of city and nature trips in Europe. Of course, the company also offers a Black Friday special *. We have selected a few offers for Black Friday 2021 that are particularly worthwhile for you:

A-Rosa River Cruises: Discover Black Friday Special Deals

  • A magical river cruise bargain verity of His winter magic Paris *: For 5 nights (from 729 euros per person), passengers admire the capital of France and Rouen in Normandy from a special perspective and make your vacation an unforgettable experience.
  • who Always exploring Holland from the water wanted, she should Rhine short cruise to Amsterdam and Rotterdam * look at it closer. From Cologne you can travel to the metropolises of the Netherlands from 399 euros per person (4 nights, all inclusive).
  • For the short trip: The Danube Short Cruise * – Discover Vienna, Wachau, Melk and Passau (3 next) from 289 euros per person.

Where does Black Friday come from?

In the US it is the first Friday after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” called. Many Americans take advantage of this long bridging day, around the first Christmas shopping to do. In addition, the dealers lure customers with sometimes extreme discounts. In the USA they belong to Black Friday and the following weekend on the busiest days of the year. The highlight of the bargain hype is “Cyber ​​Monday”, that is, the one on that Bargain weekend following monday. Then the sales of the dealers rise so high that they can make up for losses or come back into the black.

Meanwhile running Also in Germany Every year on this day the biggest discount campaign in online retail: Amazon, for example, has bargains ready for its customers every 5 minutes. Incidentally, Apple organized the first Black Friday in Germany. Of the Technician-Giant brought the successful model to us in 2006. Other online retailers then jumped in too.

Also tepidt German trade association In Germany, too, more and more people are targeting bargain hunting on the Internet on Black Friday. The discount week has long since established itself in this country.

Do you want to find out more about Black Friday 2021? Here you get an overview of everything you need to know.

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