Black Friday 2022: Kindle Paperwhite, the most popular e-reader, is back on sale

News good plan Black Friday 2022: Kindle Paperwhite, the most popular e-reader, is back on sale

On the occasion of Black Friday, Amazon encourages you to get back to reading thanks to its promotion on its very resistant and popular Kindle Paperwhite which loses 25% on its original price.

Black Friday: All your books at your fingertips with the Kindle Paperwhite

A few years ago, Amazon turned the book market upside down with his Kindle. Mobile library, the Kindle was intended as a way to easily bring together all your books to make reading more practical at the expense of books and the clutter that ensues.

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite for €104.99 at Amazon

Especially since it must be recognized that in terms of practicality, the reader has a lot of advantages. More compact, lighter, easier to handle and with the possibility of having more complete contentshe was able to attract a clientele less focused on the object and more on the content.

The Kindle Paperwhite is an improved version of the classic Kindle and is also offered at a more premium price since it is normally available at a price of €139.99 in its 8 GB version with advertising. On the occasion of Black Friday, Amazon has decided to offer you a promotion and offer this model with 35€ less, i.e. 104.99€.

Note that models with more memory or without advertising also benefit from discounts which are still lower than the one presented here.

Black Friday 2022: Kindle Paperwhite, the most popular e-reader, is back on sale

Black Friday: A foolproof e-reader

We mentioned to you the fact that advertisements were included on the reader. Note that these advertisements are only present on the front pages in order to promote other books and in no way interrupt your reading.

Supplied with access to the Kindle Store, you will find the majority of books there and in any case, no e-reader can claim to have a catalog as complete as that of Amazon. It is difficult to consider buying an e-reader without being sure to find the books that interest us.

In terms of use, Amazon wanted to make its product as attractive as possible but also as resistant as possible. First, it should be noted that reading lovers will be able to enjoy a “paper” touch on this e-reader (this is where it got its name from).

Question ergonomics, difficult to do better, we note in the strong points:

  • Two weeks of autonomy
  • Anti-reflection filter and anti-blue light screen
  • night mode
  • Audiobook compatibility
  • Water and sand resistant

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite for €104.99 at Amazon

It is therefore in this 6.8 inch reading light that you can store all your books without worrying about space and whose price will ultimately cost you less than paper books.

Find all the offers of Black Friday 2022.

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