Black Friday 2022: This scooter is preparing a surprise for you and it’s not just its price!

News good deal Black Friday 2022: This scooter is preparing a surprise for you and it’s not just its price!

The world of scooters has grown to such an extent that it can be difficult to navigate. On the occasion of Black Friday, we found you a high-performance model, benefiting from a 490€ discount.

Black Friday: An electric scooter with seat at €479.99

Long gone are the days of the scooter, which was a sport reserved for a few initiates and a few rare adventurers who used it as a means of travel. Today, anyone who does not come across a scooter in their day has surely chosen to live in the countryside.

Buy Hitway with removable seat for €479.99 at Darty

Here we are facing a manufacturer that you may never have heard of, however, the model offered to you ticks a good number of boxes for users of electric scooters and also has the luxury of having very pleasant additions for everyday life.

However, this kind of model is usually quite expensive since it is normally found on the market at a price of €999.99. But you know what I’m going to tell you, Black Friday has hit and it’s an opportunity for the manufacturer and Darty to put a good big discount on this model since it’s nearly 50% off which you will be able to benefit from.

Indeed, with 520 € less, we find this model for the duration of Black Friday at a price of € 479.99. The opportunity to offer you a scooter that you are not likely to come across every day.

Black Friday 2022: This scooter is preparing a surprise for you and it's not just its price!

Black Friday: Sit tight to take advantage of this offer

On the technical sheet side, this scooter seems to tick all the boxes necessary for the comfort of the user. Equipped with a 10Ah battery and endowed with a power of 800W you can move to a speed of up to 45km / h and the announced autonomy is 35 km. All this being provided for a load of up to 120 kg, however at maximum load, performance will be reduced.

On the safety side, this model is equipped with the usual signaling lights on this type of product, but you also have an LED strip on the bottom allowing it to be more visible. The user is entitled to a screen allowing him to have useful information before the eyes whether it is autonomy, speed, possible anomalies or other.

In order to be able to overcome the different situations you have at your disposal three speed modes and a climbing capacity that supports gradients of up to 15°. The strong point of this model is that it has a seat allowing you to opt for the seated position during your journeys. You can choose to remove it and travel standing up or install it to sit down.

Buy Hitway with removable seat for €479.99 at Darty

A scooter that will meet many user needs and knows how to be versatile. A good opportunity if you were planning to take the plunge to take advantage of this Black Friday promotion.

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