Black Friday: -88% on the PureVPN subscription, it’s now!

Unfortunately, the internet is increasingly under surveillance, and its users are intensively tracked, primarily for business purposes, but also by malicious individuals. The best way to protect your privacy is always to opt for a VPN, which in addition brings many advantages, such as the ability to locate where you want, and thus bypass territorial restrictions. This type of functionality is particularly useful in gaming, since it offers great possibilities.

This is because most games are restricted depending on where you play, whether it’s specific to regional releases, or access to multiplayer servers. We think in particular of many Asian titles whose servers are reserved for locals, and which are in fact completely inaccessible to European players. Let’s find out about PureVPN this Black Friday.

88% discount on PureVPN subscription during Black Friday

What is a VPN?

Thanks to a VPN, it will be possible to go through an Asian server, and thus make the game believe that you are a local player. Another advantage of being able to locate in another country is that of being able to benefit from local rates. Indeed, most online stores charge radically different prices depending on the territory, for identical products.

The idea is of course to be able to adapt to the portfolio of the majority, without cutting back on profits. In other words, Europe is not necessarily the place where the prices are the lowest. But thanks to a good VPN, nothing prevents you from locating yourself in Central America in order to take advantage of lower prices. This is precisely what PureVPN !

88% discount on PureVPN subscription during Black Friday
88% discount on the PureVPN subscription during Black Friday

88% discount on the PureVPN subscription

PureVPN offers more than 6,500 servers in more than 78 countries, which therefore leaves its customers a pretty crazy freedom when it comes to its location. Better still, the brand has improved the speed of its servers with a 20Gbit / s connection, in order to always have optimal bandwidth, even when passing through servers located on the other side of the world.

Out of gaming, VPNs also make it possible to take advantage of the entire catalog of streaming content providers (Netflix, Disney +, HBO MAX, Hulu, etc.), or to follow certain championships such as F1 or MotoGP. completely free by locating in a country where these contents are available via channels accessible to all (hello Belgium).

We specify in passing that PureVPN has relocated its head office to become a registered company in the British Virgin Islands, which ensures maximum confidentiality to its customers.

-88% discount on the 5-year offer!

PureVPN is currently offering great promotions with a mind-blowing discount on the 5-year subscriptions whose price is down 88%, while the promo code BF15 allows an additional € 10.34 to be scratched off the bill!

PureVPN offer at -88%
Applying coupon BF15 for 88% discount on PureVPN

In total, by accumulating these offers, the price of the 5-year subscription goes from 576 € to 58.61€. Each subscription covers up to 10 devices with no operating system limit since the VPN is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS.

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