Black Friday Amazon: spirits at absurd prices! Discounts go up to 39%!


With the publication of the following article Tom’s Hardware invites you to a safe and conscientious consumption of alcohol, inviting you not to get lost in the abuse. The following offer is also intended exclusively for the use and consumption of adult buyers. Tom’s Hardware disclaims any responsibility should the proposal be used to encourage the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages by people under the age of 18 years.

Drink responsibly.

We have already proposed what are the excellent offers that Amazon is offering in relation to the world of beers, with truly unmissable discounts on many labels, both known and less known. Well, let’s stay a little longer on the topic of offers on alcohol, to also offer you what is the excellent sample of discounts that Amazon has put in place for what concerns spirits and spirits, whose discounts can easily exceed 40%!

The offers are nothing short of excellent, and are ideal for those who, for example, do not despise the opening of a good bottle during the Christmas holidays or, simply, are looking for a gift to give to a person who has the passion and worship of distillates. For our part, wanting to offer you something really different and delicious, we suggest you take a look at this small, but captivating, gift box proposed by our Malfy, and inherent in its excellent range of gin!

Produced by Torino Distillati, il gin Malfy arrived relatively recently on the market, and immediately distinguished itself as a new and pleasant choice within the panorama of Italian spirits. The production of gin, on the other hand, has had a notable increase in our country, especially in recent years, and Malfy it’s just the latest label born in what it is a sector definitely in fervor.

Commercial product? Definitely yes, but with a strong soul and captivating flavors, such as to make it a more than pleasant choice even for those accustomed to completely different productions. This set, in particular, will give you the opportunity to fully experience what is the current production of the label, which it counts 4 different spirits!

In addition to the classic gin, with a traditional flavor, and distilled from juniper berries of homegrown origin (Tuscany, to be precise), Malfy also proposes himself with 3 spirits with a fruity flavor, thus creating lemon, orange and grapefruit gin. These are, therefore, distillates infused with the most typical citrus fruits of our country and, in particular, of the Amalfi coast area, hence the name of the label “Malfy”.

The set, which includes 4 bottles, one for each aroma, from 50 cl, thus giving you the opportunity to taste the production of Malfy in all its proposals, resulting, moreover, also a pleasant and pleasant gift idea, especially consider the cost of just € 28.90, lowered by 17% compared to the original € 34.90: not bad!

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That said, before we leave you to purchase this fancy Malfy set, we want to invite you once again to subscribe to the service Amazon prime which, especially considering the shopping of the Black Friday 2021, will guarantee you shipments very fast and free, in addition to access to many other additional services, not last Amazon Prime Video, with which you can watch movies, cartoons and TV series in streaming, for free, and from any device! An essential subscription in view of Black Friday 2021 shopping, whose activation is immediate and whose first 30 days of subscription are free, if – obviously – you have never been a subscriber.

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At this point we refer you to the Amazon offer dedicated to spirits, as well as to the general page that Amazon is dedicating to its Black Friday 2021, where you can freely consult the store’s countless proposals. Proposals that, moreover, are also conveniently available on smartphones, as long as you choose to subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, the ideal place to promptly receive information on all the best offers in progress on the various stores, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and products Chinese. Cheers!

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