Black Friday: Check out tools that check fraud and find deals

A survey by the Reclame Aqui Institute, which heard 23 thousand people, points out that almost half of Brazilian consumers (49%) defines Black Friday in the country as “Black Fraud”. Therefore, finding good deals goes through planning.

Before you buy, the first step is to make a list of products and compare prices from before the promotion with those supposedly at a discount. This makes it easier to define how much you want to pay for the items on the day and, if applicable, buy them quickly, before they run out.

It is common for price comparison websites to display the price history of products. With this, it is possible to know if the store has increased prices in the days prior to Black Friday. The tools follow the fluctuation in real time, compare with prices and identify promotions.

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Some platforms create special pages and, on Black Friday, filter sales and send price alerts to interested parties. A good idea is to keep the images of the purchase steps, which may be necessary if there is an error in the process, such as a higher price or not receiving the product.

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Some sites that can help you avoid fake Black Friday deals. Follow it below!

Real Black Friday

has a browser extension that helps the consumer to know if there are stores with a better price for the product he is researching. In addition, it informs the product’s price history. In addition, the extension automatically searches for and applies discount coupons.

Search and Zoom

Buscapé e Zoom have price history tool, which shows the variation in the last 6 months. The websites also offer price alerts: you can choose how much you are willing to pay and, when the price is reached, be informed by email. What’s more: in some stores, comparators offer cashback of up to 25%.

Cheaper Protest

O plugin Protest consumer association advises you where to find the lowest price while looking for products in online stores. The feature automatically tests for discount coupons and adds the one that offers the highest percentage. The plugin’s advantage is that it doesn’t access personal data.


Launched this month, the ComplainAqui browser extension indicates whether stores are trustworthy as the consumer browses and provides access to proven discount coupons. With the tool, it’s easier to avoid scams — such as those on fake websites that offer “must-see” discounts for obtaining personal data.

And remember: before completing the purchase, check the delivery times and the cost of shipping. It can be equal to or greater than the discount offered.

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