Black Friday in Algeria: is it a scam?

Purchasing power has not improved, particularly following the economic crises that the Covid-19 has inflicted on us.

This is why, this time more than ever, everyone is waiting for the periods of sales and promotions to buy wisely, without hurting their pockets or their bank account.

Black Friday, this annual event long awaited by buyers in November is often an opportunity and an opportunity to take advantage and make purchases at reduced prices, and this, for various products: cosmetics, jewelry, clothing … etc, it can even concerning plane tickets.

Unfortunately, these kind of promising events of exceptional promotions attract malicious people who take advantage of them to defraud consumers. As a result, the Algerian Organization for the Protection and Guidance of the Consumer and his Environment (APOCE) is closely monitoring this event.

Beware of utopian promos

APOCE reminds sellers and traders on its official Facebook page of the need for transparency in this kind of occasion in order to avoid the promotion of false discounts and non-existent offers, aimed at attracting customers and making a maximum of sales at the expense of the Algerian consumer.

These sellers and traders risk legal action in the event of false promotion. Whether in physical stores or for online stores. Scams are easily becoming inevitable these days for shoppers, who are enticed by fake “must-see” bargains. All eyes are fixed on screens and phones awaiting flash sales of up to 70%, sales sites are saturated and reduction promises are increasing.

It is therefore necessary to buy intelligently by comparing these prices and keeping the vouchers in case of a problem, in order to protect yourself from any possible scam.

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