Black Friday: Only €64.99 for the Amazon Echo Show 8 connected screen

News good plan Black Friday: Only €64.99 for the Amazon Echo Show 8 connected screen

The rise of connected assistants has opened up a new market full of connected products to simplify our daily lives. The Amazon Echo Show is one of them and it’s on sale for Black Friday.

Black Friday: €30 discount for Amazon’s connected screen

If connected speakers have quickly invaded the interiors of many French people, mainly thanks to their attractive price and the curiosity effect, connected screens are less on the rise and yet it is a question of much more comprehensive products.

Buy the Echo Show 8 for €64.99 at Amazon

Indeed, the addition of a screen is an excellent ally to assist you on a daily basis. With Alexa, Amazon has actually developed a range of connected products and in particular this Amazon Echo Show which will show you everything you want.

Usually sold at a price of €109.99, Amazon is taking advantage of Black Friday to crush the price of its connected screen and thus hope to attract as many buyers as possible. With a discount of 45€, you will be able to buy this connected screen for €64.99.

Black Friday: Only €64.99 for the Amazon Echo Show 8 connected screen

Alexa will blow you away on Black Friday

Equipped with a 8 inch HD screen and a speaker to send you stereo sound, this Echo Show 8 has everything you need to send you the information you are looking for.

The advantage is that it is done as simply as possible for the user and without you needing to touch it since it is obviously equipped with microphone to capture your requests.

Amazon has heard the reproaches that have been made to products of the genre, in particular on the privacy aspect. Thus with the help of a simple button, you can disconnect the microphone and the camera of the device so that you no longer fear being spied on without your knowledge.

Buy the Echo Show 8 for €64.99 at Amazon

Alexa is able to assist you in managing your home automation, or to offer you various tutorials whether in video, orally or in writing. You can customize your screen as you wantwhether using photos, or information that you want to be able to consult whenever you want.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is an ideal ally to quickly provide you with content without having to search and it knows how to be efficient while preserving your privacy.

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