Black Friday: PS5 is here and Amazon is your best bet

Amazon is offering the PS5 during Black Friday. With stock? Perhaps, but in any case it is possible to register for an invitation and increase the chances of obtaining it!

Sony’s PS5 is a very requested console, and it’s nothing to say. In fact, while we are celebrating its two years, the console is still in demand as it was when it started, and the available stocks are not much higher.

On Amazon, the console may be in stock at its price of 549.99 euros for the standard version of the console. If it’s not available, the site still lets you request an invitation. If the latter is accepted, you will be notified by email of the availability of your console and you will be able to order it. It costs nothing to try in any case with Amazon!

PS5: the star console can be yours with Amazon

The PS5 is Sony’s latest console and it’s a brilliant successor to the PS4 with power never before seen on a console. It manages Ray Tracing for a hyper realistic rendering of lights and shadows, and offers 4K or even 8K gaming, as well as animations up to 120 frames per second in certain games. The PS5, sold at Amazon, is also a revolution in terms of loading times thanks to the integration of an SSD which makes it possible to eliminate the waits between several levels as much as possible, or even to eliminate them completely. The console comes with the Dual Sense controller which pushes the concept of haptic feedback to a stunning level of realism. To play the excellent God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon: Forbidden West, The Last Of Us Part 1 and many other exclusives, take advantage of this Amazon offer.

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