Black Friday | Why is the 2022 edition so different from the others?

Black Friday 2022, or “Black das Blacks” has the potential to be the biggest edition of the commercial event in Brazil to date. With the growth of e-commerce, the World Cup incentive and the consolidation of digital payment methods, Brazilians are more confident to take advantage of promotions and purchase consumer goods of all kinds.

With forecasts of earning BRL 6.05 billion in e-commerce, entrepreneurs and shopkeepers have high expectations and are preparing for the large volume of orders — since 62.5% of Brazilians will buy on the day of the event.

Check out this special issue of canaltechthe five points that make this Black Friday edition so different from others, below;

5 points that make this Black Friday unique

1. World Cup

With the opening of the World Cup in an unusual period that coincides with the Black Friday sales week, Brazilians will take advantage of the discounts to prepare for the sporting event. According to a survey by OLX, 20% of respondents said they intend to buy something related to the Football World Cup in the period.

Among the objects with the highest purchase intention, we highlight items from the Brazilian national team such as the shirt, flag or official ball, in addition to food and drinks to enjoy the games. An increase in the average purchase ticket can also be seen, driven mainly by the acquisition of electronics.

Historically, TV sales have grown in World Cup years and Black Friday is the time when Brazilians take advantage of discounts to purchase high-value products, such as smartphones, stereos and home appliances. Data show that the search for home theaters grew 155% in Brazil this year, while the search for projectors increased by 92%.

To prepare the house in order to receive friends and enjoy the games, in addition to investing in electronics, Brazilians are also looking for decoration products, such as sofas and chairs, and want to stock up on food, drinks and barbecue grills.

And we can expect a great performance from the aforementioned products, especially after this successful debut against Serbia, in which Brazil won 2-0. After Richarlison’s great goal, who is not already researching their national team shirt?

2. E-commerce expansion

With social isolation during the covid-19 pandemic, Brazilians had to get used to virtual means of making payments, shopping, working and studying. This period was key to boosting the digital transformation of commerce. According to a survey by Connected Life, 74% of Brazilians prefer to buy in e-commerce, while 68% say they conduct online research before buying in a physical store.

In the first five months of 2022, e-commerce showed a 785% growth in revenue and, on the eve of Black Friday, online stores had already earned BRL 238 million. An estimate by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm), points out that the event should move BRL 6.05 billion in total – a result 3.5% higher than in 2021.

3. Digital payment methods

Just as consumers are preferring e-commerce, the pandemic has naturalized the use of digital means of transaction, such as approximation payments – whether via card, cell phone or smartwatch -, in addition to PIX, digital wallets and payment links. A survey by the financial technology platform, Adyen, carried out with 2,000 people in Brazil, points out that 41% of respondents no longer use cash or physical cards.

For Black Friday, a study by Mercado Pago points out that the credit card remains the leader in customer preference at the time of payment, jumping from 49% in 2021 to 68% this year. The choice is due to the possibility of paying in installments, since 85% of Brazilians want to pay in installments for their purchases. However, the data still highlights Pix, which grew from 12% to 19%.

This year, Pix consolidated itself as the main means of payment in the country, surpassing all other means of payment: TED, DOC, boleto, debit and credit cards. In its two-year anniversary, the tool totaled 26 billion transactions, corresponding to an amount of R$ 12.9 trillion.

Speaking of payment methods, we highlight the adhesion to the QR Code, which should reach 2.2 billion payments in 2025, and the Payment Transaction Initiator (ITP), a facilitator for payments via Pix in e-commerces. Both features have been occupying space in the market and should be relevant during this Black Friday.

4. Inflation and rise in the search for basic items

With the Extended National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) accumulated in the 12 months through October, inflation has increased by 11.71%. Google recorded an increase in searches for supermarket products for Black Friday – in which diapers, for example, showed a 49% growth in searches.

Brands such as supermarket chains Carrefour and Pão de Açúcar, and the Reckitt group, of cleaning products, are investing in the date and expect an increase in sales. Among the most searched products we have beers, sparkling wines, panettone, hygiene and beauty items, but the highlight is the search for basic basket items and meats.

A survey carried out by the consultancy Shopper Experience shows that almost seven out of ten respondents want to take advantage of Black Friday offers to supply their home inventory with products that have become more expensive in the last 12 months. According to the data, two out of three respondents intend to buy meat in the period – equivalent to a 17% increase compared to 2021.

5. The Biggest Black Friday Ever

Despite inflation, the relationship with e-commerce has been consolidated in recent years, making consumers more confident and with high expectations for Black Friday 2022. Data from a survey by Mercado Ads indicate that 59% of people who do not bought last Black Friday, intend to buy this year.

In addition, the reopening of the market and the end of social isolation encouraged the consumption of more goods — both personal items, such as clothing, accessories and beauty products; and higher value products, such as electronic devices and home appliances.

Among those interviewed, 78% say they want to spend more than in the 2021 edition — which generated revenues of BRL 4.2 billion for e-commerce. A survey by the social network Pelando indicates that more than 87% of Brazilians intend to buy something on that date, with 61% of these already knowing what they are going to buy. Therefore, this must be the most successful Black Friday in Brazil to date.

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