Black Friday Xbox, many games discounted up to 90%

If you are interested in recovering a good amount of Xbox games during this period of deep discounts, we strongly advise you to take a look at the official Xbox catalog, since the arrival of Black Friday has meant that many titles for this platform were discounted.

By applying the right filter, it turns out that many titles are sold at 90% less than their official priceas well as those who enjoy lower price cuts, but always with high discount rates. In fact, you will not find games sold with a discount of less than 15%, which means that you will be able to buy all the titles that you have not yet tried by spending very little.

Black Friday Xbox

Xbox consoles are able to give a respectable gaming experience, even more so on the latest generation model, which can boast of having the title of the most powerful console currently on the market. There are many games released for the Microsoft platform, so we are sure that you will find those capable of guaranteeing you a form of entertainment and fun for several dozen hours.

On the other hand, a powerful console like Series X wouldn’t make sense without games, and it is here that the official store proves to be fundamental, given the excellent offers that the portal is dedicating to games, including some of the latest arrivals, such as PGA TOUR 2K23 And NHL 23. Having said that, we leave it up to you to discover the entire proposal, but not before having invited you to take a look at our selection below, where we have grouped the most discounted titles.

Black Friday 2022 banners

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The best Black Friday 2022 Xbox deals

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