Blair turns to alternative pop with "crying at the party"his first album

In February 2020 we introduced blair as “one of the revelations of the Argentine urban scene”. His debut single, ‘At the end of the day’, had passed 270K views on YouTube and 80K on Spotify, and with ‘Empezar de Cero’, one of its successors, a similar future was predicted while Instagram was already surfacing. fanpages with their phrases. “That stage brought me a faithful audience”tells him today, two and a half years later, to

At that time, nobody imagined that a month later a mandatory confinement would start that would force us to change in all aspects. “Me I had a very bad writer’s block at the time, I couldn’t write anything. It’s not that I did things and I didn’t like them, I couldn’t write anything directly,” she was honest. “I know what I’m going to say is kind of selfish, but when everything stopped with the pandemic and my fellow artists weren’t releasing music, I felt a breather in the sense that I saw that everyone released songs repeatedly and I didn’t, and that generated even more blockade”.

The more time passed, the more perfect the return song had to be felt by Blair, the alias under which Julieta Ordorica expresses herself. So that time of global quarantine, she took it to make music without anyone running her. It is not from there that a thousand songs came out, but one that kicked off a new artistic stage.

“I had to film the video for ‘Your Absence'” from his town, he says (read Punta Alta, a few kilometers from Bahía Blanca, well south of the province of Buenos Aires) “and there, within the urban music that I had been doing, I was able to put a bit of my usual world in, which is more alternative. It was no longer me dressed up looking at the camera and moving my hands but it was another concept. That’s when I began to bring to light my usual identity in reality but in 2019/2020 it was covered“. The response he received was even better than what he had gotten with other video clips “so I said ‘It must be this way’”.

From there, along with bullzhis producer at the time, began working on an instrumental that had a different sound, with more guitars, which gave him the opportunity to “try what’s up”.

“I recorded it in my house from my bed and I like to listen to it, that’s the most important thing of all. The previous songs give me little thing listen to them because it is not something that represents me today. It’s something I did at the time because I had fun doing it but I don’t feel like it goes with me anymore and this theme not only that I could listen to it but also enjoyed it“, he confesses.

And continues: “What led to that change was both my comfort and the ability to listen and enjoy my music myself., as for ideas of letters or the visual to arise. With the trap I no longer knew what to talk about, I always fell into the same phrases or concepts”.

This change was enhanced by Dante Satulinus as a producer, who according to Blair “helped her to value herself”: “He treated as valuable what I wrote. There were things that I didn’t like out there and he accommodated them in a certain way and I ended up saying ‘Ah, it’s good, it’s true'”. This is how “Crying at the party” came out, Blair’s first album.

Influenced by Phoebe Bridgers, the Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush, the record explores an ethereal, retro and dream-pop aesthetic: “I went from not being able to write for a year to making a record in a week.”

“Basically what I want to convey with the record is the title: crying at the party -assures- That feeling that everyone is having a good time, they are at a party, and you are there crying. There are songs that have very happy melodies but you listen to the lyrics and it’s something super dark. I love Beach House, that music that you put on headphones, close your eyes and it’s like a movie. I want it to be like the soundtrack to his movies.”

But in this time not only Blair changed, but also practically the entire national music scene: “What strikes me the most and I like is the international position that we are reaching both collaborating artists like María Becerra singing at the Latin Grammys or Nicki Nicole on Jimmy Fallon’s show is a lot”.

“And not only in urban music -he continues- but it is expanding in various ways. I feel a domino effect from this: for example, Mon Laferte tweeted a few days ago that he wanted to do an ft with Lana del Rey and she started following her on Instagram. 5 years ago you told me about it and it seemed crazy to me; I mean, it still seems crazy to me, but not crazy that I can’t believe it’s happening, but that it’s finally happening.”

“I love that 2019 people don’t still sound like 2019 – they’re trying to mix sounds with trap,” he closes.

Now what’s next for Juliet? “I didn’t think of anything for months,” she admits. “For now my ideal project would be for the record to be liked and that leads me to do shows. And until now I’ve never been able to do a show on a stage where I can move and dance and all that stuff, so I’m very handle.”

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