Blanca Arellano: Laura Bozzo is outraged and shares evidence against Juan Villafuerte

The authorities confirmed that the body without organs found on Chorrillos beach, in Huacho, belongs to white arellano, missing since November 7. The Peruvian National Police detained John Paul Villafuerte as the alleged femicide.

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Thousands of Peruvians were impacted by the situation of the case, until Laura Bozzowho posted on Instagram that he will help with the analytics. I take this cause as my own. What has happened with Blanca can happen to all of us”beginning.

In the same way, he shared a revealing video published by the journalist Leonardo Cabrera from Latina. “It is overwhelming proof that The defendant lied when he said that he was not in Huacho, not only was he, but he bought bleachAccording to the latest research”, he stated. Finally, he asked for justice for the Mexican.

According to the images, Juan Villafuerte is seen leaving a supermarket, where the security officer checks the purchase receipt. The former medical student reaches down to open his backpack and inserts a bottle of bleach.

TROME |  Revealing video of Juan Villafuerte on the case of Blanca Arellano

Alleged defendant bought a black bag before the murder

Cuarto Poder interviewed the neighbors to find out what Juan Villafuerte did days before the family of Blanca Arellanos reported the disappearance. “(Juan Villafuerte) came here around 6:30 to kick my sister. (What did she buy?) He bought black bags, soft drinks, he bought a cigarette pack. He asked my sister if he had Yape ”said one of the witnesses.


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