Blanco y Negro does not approve the hiring of Fabián Orellana!

White smoke came out from the Monumental stadium after the vital meeting of the Blanco y Negro board to determine the signings for the second season of the 2021 National Championship.

Today the leadership was going to approve or not the hiring of Fabián Orellana, who was expressly requested by Gustavo Quinteros to replace the departure of Martín Rodríguez to football in Turkey.

Unfortunately for the colocolino coach, it is bad news that he receives, since Blanco y Negro did not approve the signing of the Historic Orellana, who will end up playing at Universidad Católica.

A decision that was rumored in the corridors of the Monumental stadium and that ended up being made concrete. Now we will have to see the reaction of Gustavo Quinteros himself, who again does not comply with what he asks.

Fabián Orellana in the Chilean national team

First it was the case of Marcelo Moreno Martins and now that of Fabián Orellana, a situation that raises the question of whether reinforcements can definitely arrive at the height of what the colocolino coach requires.

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