Bleach Reveals New Thousand Year Blood War Poster

It is clear that a great season full of great moments in anime is approaching, since this fall will be one to remember, with great characters and stories returning, such as Chainsaw Man, who will be making his debut in the anime adaptation, in addition of new seasons of series like My Hero Academia and Mob Psycho and more.

But among the most anticipated is bleachthe anime that could be the biggest of the bunch as it celebrates the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, has revealed a new poster that brings back Ichigo Kurosaki and Soul Society as they take on their strongest opponents to date.

And even though it’s been years since the anime adaptation of Bleach came to an end, and the conclusion coincided with the end of the manga being published in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, there was nonetheless one important arc that never made it to the small screen in Soul Society’s fight against the Quincy Family, that’s why the arc of the Thousand Year Blood War it was one of the biggest battles that Ichigo and his friends had within the shonen series of Tite Kubo.

And now, many of the fans feel heard, as Bleach is finally returning to television and streaming services this fall thanks to Studio Pierrotso Viz Media released the new poster for Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc via his official Twitter account, not only giving us a look at a number of familiar faces from Soul Society, but also hinting at the main villains that Ichigo and his fellow shonen swordsmen will be fighting in the return to anime of the Serie.

In fact, Bleach recently returned to the pages of Shonen Jump with a new chapter from creator Tite Kubo, showing the members of Soul Society years after the series’ original ending, so now that Ichigo and several other swordsmen have their own children, a dark secret surrounds Soul Society.

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