Blizzard has removed the ban on players from Russia and Belarus to participate in the Overwatch 2 beta

Online drew attentionwhat from the website Overwatch 2 missing early mention that players from Russia, Belarus and China will not have access to the upcoming beta.
Information about the limitation could be found in the answer to the question about available platforms. Now she’s not there. It is likely that users from Russia, Belarus and China will still be able to participate in the planned testing.
How report our colleagues from DTF, at the Russian office Blizzard there is no information yet that “the product would not be available on the territory of the Russian Federation”.
Conducting the nearest public beta testing Overwatch 2 scheduled for June 28th. In the meantime, everyone can get acquainted with the abilities of the new hero, Queens of Junkertown for which it will be possible to play on the day of the start of the beta.
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