“Blocking list as long as 20 meters of toilet paper”: Danni Büchner is in a bad mood

When Danni Büchner is in a bad mood, the tips of her fans don’t help either

© Screenshot Instagram: dannibuechner

Danni Büchner is in a really bad mood and shares it on Instagram. The advice of her fans doesn’t help either.

Mallorca – There are days when it just doesn’t work. Reality star can do that too Danni Büchner (43) sing a song. She openly and honestly tells her followers on Instagram that her mood is currently in the basement. Extratipp.com from IPPEN.MEDIA reports first.

When things don’t go well: the car has to be brought to the workshop, the hairline has to be re-colored and instead of son Diego (5) driving to soccer, Danni has taken him to the gas station. And then daughter Joelina (21) is still waiting for her. Oh dear, it’s really not easy for Danni Büchner at the moment.

Danni Büchner admits: “So close to the rule, you get annoyed”

But since suffering shared is known to be half suffering, Danni uses the waiting time sensibly and lets her followers share in her misery. “Good morning from the woman in a bad mood,” she begins her story, in which the suffering 43-year-old complains of her misfortune. “When I look at my children, of course I smile. But the bad mood remains, ”she openly admits.

But her fans don’t seem to be able to help Danni either at the moment. When she was asked what could help her bad mood, a follower advised her to block annoying people on Instagram, that wasn’t enough for her either: “Oh, come on now. My block list is as long as 20 meters of toilet paper. ”

It seems as if there was no herb against Danni’s bad mood. The five-time mom provides an explanation at the same time: “No, so close to the rule, you get annoyed when you see everything so beautifully styled top models early in the morning.” All of her fans should understand this and Danni will certainly show herself soon in a good mood again.

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