Bloodborne doll cosplay visits the hunter’s dream

The action role-playing game Bloodborne is now seven years old. However, it has fortunately lost little of its fascination during this time. That also seems to be the case cosplay community to be seen in the same way as the artist’s most recent work “Faith Chan” proves She chose a very specific character from the RPG as a template for her costume picked out.

The mysterious doll comes to life

However, it is not – as many fans may initially assume – about the protagonists of Bloodborne, but a supporting character. The cosplayer opted for the mysterious doll decided that you meet in the game in “Hunter’s Dream”. At the beginning it is just a normal doll, but later it becomes so comes to life and plays an important role.

As the two photos published by the artist show, her numerous hours of work paid for. The cosplay looks very similar to the template and impresses above all with the same numerous loving details. The hairstyle and make-up are also perfect, even that one Background for the shoot contributes a lot to the atmosphere.

By the way, “Faith Chan” is real not a beginner in the field of cosplay. She has been very intensively involved with this hobby for some time and has accordingly many costumes manufactured. Among other things, she was in disguises as a character from Saya no Uta and as Mona from Genshin Impact to see.

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Fascinating gaming cosplays

By the way, the action role-playing game Bloodborne is a rarely chosen template for cosplays, hence this work all the more worth seeing. In the community there are other games than source of inspiration significantly higher in price. The disguises as Yennefer von Vengerberg from The Witcher 3 and Malenia from Elden Ring are representative at this point.

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