Bloodied, Sández’s post after his truck was stolen

“They just stole my truck and all my belongings. If they get a message, it’s not me,” Agustín Sández posted in Instagrm stories and showed the injury he suffered. He immediately erased them when the police were able to recover his vehicle.

Sández was a substitute in Boca’s 3-0 loss to Patronato in Paraná; he returned with the squad from Entre Ríos to the Ezeiza airport, and from there to the property that Boca has a few kilometers from the airport; each withdrew in their private cars.

Around midnight, Sández was approached by criminals in Lanús, who beat him with a gun and stole his truck. After Sández called 911, the City Police managed to intercept the vehicle on the Avellaneda Bridge: the criminals got out of the truck and tried to flee on foot.

Sández was able to recover his car, with the passing of days his wound will close.

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