Bloodlines 2 is still in development, but has risked closure

It seems like it’s been an eternity now since we first saw a trailer for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. Yet we haven’t had a chance to see for months how development is progressing. Some fans of the saga have obviously launched into theories and hypotheses that now gave the project doomed, especially after the changes that have taken place in the development team. Precisely for this reason, a few days ago the CEO of Paradox released an interview in which he also talked about the development of the title. All of course to cheer up the fans of the series and to say that the work is taking place in the best way and that the title is alive and well.

Bloodlines 2 therefore still lives, even though, says the CEO, the project was very, very close to closing for a number of factors. As it was predictable above all for the news that had come out in recent months. “When we retired the game from the original developer, we had a long overhaul in case we were to end the game [sviluppo] or perform it further “, Wester said. “We were actually ready to completely shut down production. But we got a pitch that we thought was convincing enough to work, which we worked on, and we have very good hopes that it will be a good game that meets the expectations of the players. “

The title was originally developed by Hardsuit Labs, all then until the first postponement last February. At this point, therefore, we just have to wait once again what will become of Bloodlines 2, hoping to have an excellent role-playing sector, as presented in the first instance with the announcement trailer and with those that followed.

The Bloodlines series is one of those RPG fans remember fondly, and this second chapter according to the CEO of Paradox could do the same, if not better. Everything is obviously in the hands of the team hoping that they can do a great job with everything they have available!

However, you can already book the title if you are interested in buying!

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