Bloodshore: the battle royale in FMV shows itself in a very series B trailer

It is one of these phenomena that we do not always manage to explain. Take the revival of FMV games for example: did you believe it? If you answered yes, congratulations, you’ve got a nose! Here comes Bloodshore, a title that comes at the right time.

After trying to sell its “photo-realism” in the 1990s, the Full Motion Video game seems poised to make an incredible fat comeback: between The Complex, Death Come True, or the ghostly Ghosts, recent examples do not are not lacking, and it is not the newcomer in the arena that is likely to reverse the trend, on the contrary: By relying on the very fashionable mechanics of Battle Royale, Bloodshore hopes to find a place in the most surprising niche genre of video games.

Blood on the beach

Briefly teased a few weeks ago, Bloodshore today unveils a first trailer worthy of the name, and details its concept. In this interactive FMV game, a bunch of public entertainers 2.0 participate in Kill / Stream, a game show of a new genre where streamers and death row inmates (that’s no joke) are parachuted onto the eponymous island. , hoping to survive the looming massacre.

As Nick, an actor on the decline, you will have to make choices, and assume their consequences. The developers of Wales Interactive, already at the helm of the aroused The Complex or Five Dates, promise players to see the relations between the different candidates evolve according to their decisions. As tradition requires, several endings will allow you to enjoy the eight hours or so of film offered by Bloodshore., which already lets us glimpse with his very cheap explosions, his dubious acting and his very personal notion of the sound balance a tasty nanardesque potential.

But obviously don’t take our word for it, and instead check out the first official trailer just unveiled. And don’t forget: if a take is broadcast, it was potentially the best of all …

Those who are not afraid will be able to discover Bloodshore from November 3 on iOS, Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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