Bloody deed: shooting in Essen-Karnap: man collapses bleeding

Several shots were probably fired on Karnaper Strasse. Strong police forces and a rescue helicopter are in action. Road closed.

Several shots were fired in Essen-Karnap on Tuesday afternoon. A man is said to have been hit and collapsed with a bullet in his thigh in a meadow on Karnaper Stra├če. The identity of the victim is unclear.

The police are in action. Some officers have submachine guns at the ready. A rescue helicopter also landed in the north of Essen until the seriously injured were taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

Karnaper Strasse was completely blocked. Unknowns are said to have fled in a black car with presumably Belgian license plates. A manhunt is in full swing, a murder commission is investigating. Several bullet casings were seized.

The background of the criminal attack is still completely unclear.

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