Blue-gold couples hit the floor

Franz and Ria excelled in the standard dances.

Franz and Ria excelled in the standard dances.

After a year’s break due to injury, Eugen and Barbara Kathan started at the Glattal Cup in Wallisellen (Switzerland) in mid-November.

In the Seniors-II (over 40/45) CS Latin category, they placed third out of six pairs and in the Seniors-III (over 50/55) BS Standard category they placed fourth out of nine pairs. Conclusion: “What is currently possible for us, we have implemented quite well. It was nice to finally get a taste of tournament air again and to meet a lot of nice dancers.”

French and ria Steinbichler excelled again in the standard dances at the same time in Prato (Italy). In their age group Senioren-V (over 70/65 years) they confidently won first place out of 28 couples. In the senior IV category (over 65/60 years) they came fifth out of 52 couples. This brings them a big step closer to their goal of winning the overall Star Championship in their age group, where they currently lead.

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