Blue light: Suspected shoplifter in Dortmund rioted when arrested

Store detective and federal police apprehend a suspected thief at Dortmund main station. He reacts aggressively.

A suspected shoplifter showed little cooperation on Tuesday evening on the Katharinentreppe at Dortmund Central Station when a shop detective and the police arrested the man. The reason for this was certainly the alcohol level of the 16-year-old, as the police announced on Wednesday.

Around 8 p.m., the federal police received a tip from the Dortmund police that the 16-year-old fled the city center towards the train station. The shop detective was able to place the young person on the Catherine stairs and fixed him on the floor, the officials write in a statement.

Young people riot at Dortmund main station after being arrested – 1.4 per mille

When the federal police took over the Dortmunder, he fought back violently and insulted the officials several times. During the search, police also found a hand knife.

The voluntarily carried out breath alcohol test showed 1.4 per mille, according to the officials, who initiated investigations into resistance against law enforcement officials, insult and violation of the weapons law. The Dortmund police also filed a criminal complaint for theft. (Red)

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