Blue Origin shares its most successful photos of spaceflight with William Shatner

Blue Origin conducted its second tourist space flight on October 13, with Canadian actor William Shatner, the famous face of Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, on board. The company is broadcasting several pictures showing the takeoff and what was happening inside the capsule during the flight.

The second manned space flight organized by Blue Origin, the company of Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, took place on October 13. As with the first small escapade beyond 100 km of altitude, the capsule which accommodated four people was propelled by a New Shepard rocket, according to a parabolic trajectory. The flight, which lasted about ten minutes, went well.

For those who follow aerospace news, the crew had a distinguished guest. 90-year-old Canadian actor William Shatner was part of the adventure, alongside Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries and Audrey Powers, respectively a former NASA engineer, a senior executive at Dassault Systèmes and the Vice President in charge of Flight Operations at Blue Origin.

During this trip, the four passengers were able to feel the effects of microgravity for a few minutes, allowing them to float inside the capsule. Of course, it is especially William Shatner who attracts all the attention, because the actor is known worldwide for having played on television the famous captain James T. Kirk of the sci-fi series. Star Trek.

Despite the shortness of the flight – SpaceX, by comparison, offered four individuals to stay in space for three days, during the Inspiration4 mission – Blue Origin was able to obtain some rather remarkable videos and photos. Here is a selection below, showing some key stages in the takeoff and return of the rocket as well as the capsule, but also the reaction of the crew.

Cabin crew at the doors, arming the slides, checking the opposite door. And take off! // Source: Blue Origin
William Shatner (second from right) looks quite flabbergasted by the experience he is going through. // Source: Blue Origin
And we understand it! Long life and prosperity. // Source: Blue Origin
The New Shepard rocket, about to land on Earth. // Source: Blue Origin
The same thing, but much closer! // Source: Blue Origin
A successful return to Earth for the launcher (who obviously no longer has the capsule at the top). // Source: Blue Origin
The capsule is there, moreover, coming back. It is slowed down by three parachutes, but also by retro rockets. // Source: Blue Origin
They look pretty good. And happy. // Source: Blue Origin
It’s not the USS Enterprise, but still. What a trip for William Shatner. // Source: Blue Origin
Ad Astra. // Source : Blue Origin

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