Blushes and becomes embarrassed

Today is the premiere of the TV 2 series «Sofa». Here we get a reunion with the girlfriend couple Martine Lunde and Alexander Sæterstøl.

The last time the couple was on “Sofa”, Sæterstøl often struggled with concentration, and with watching what happened on TV.

Lunde says that she often has to retell the action in TV series they watch, because her boyfriend disconnects completely. This year, Sæterstøl has a completely new tactic.

– Now I ask what we are going to look at, so that I know in advance if there is something I can look forward to, or not look forward to, Sæterstøl tells Good evening Norway.

Martine Lunde (25) and Alexander Sæterstøl (26). Photo: Martin Habbestad

This turns Alex on

Also during the interview with Good evening Norway, Sæterstøl loses concentration, and starts talking about Lunde’s leather trousers.

– I think it’s so hot, he says in the middle of the interview and strokes her thigh.

– That is a common fetish among men, and say: “That is a digg pants”, answers host Sophie Elise, before they move on in the interview.

Watch the Good Evening Norway video at the top of the case.

Fractures and rumors

The boyfriend and girlfriend say that they could not have been better together, yet there are still rumors of breakups and infidelity around the couple.

– It’s not so strange. When we are in the city together, we are not with each other. I can sit and talk to some of her friends, and she to some of my friends. Then suddenly she is cuddling with a friend, and then people start fooling around, says Sæterstøl, jokingly.

Lunde is a little more serious, when she answers questions about the rumors.

– I almost think it’s a bit like that that people hope that we will make it end, and sit a bit and wait for them to take us on something, she says.

She has previously told TV2 that rumors often arise when the couple travels apart.

Lives separately

The boyfriend and girlfriend have not taken the step to become cohabitants yet, and currently Martine owns an apartment in Oslo, while Aleksander owns an apartment in Bergen.

– I bought an apartment in Bergen a few years ago, but now I have been more in Oslo, says Sæterstøl.

Furthermore, they express that they live together, so to speak, even if it is not on paper.

Sæterstøl has not moved all his things to her apartment yet, but a separate gaming room, he has got it.

Being put out of question

Sæterstøl is not the best at giving compliments to his girlfriend, but according to Lunde he is very good when it’s just the two of them together.

– It’s just that when I have a camera in front of me, I have to be tough and joke a bit, Sæterstøl admits.

When host Niklas Baarli asks if he can give a compliment to his girlfriend, he gets embarrassed and blushes.

– Now!? Nice pants, he answers.

This he fell for

Lunde tells of several episodes where Sæterstøl has not been the best to give compliments.

– We were going to record a YouTube video together. He was to give me a compliment. What he managed to come up with then was: “Soft skin”. Of all things in the world, says Lunde, upset.

– It was actually one of the first things I fell for, the soft skin, says Sæterstøl.

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