Boca showed its best version at the time of important definitions

Boca showed its best version at the time of important definitions

The celebration of the Boca players in the triumph over defense and justice in the bombonera / AFP

Boca did their thing and got into the semifinals of the Professional League Cup, instance in which it will be measured next Saturday against Racing. Last night, in the best match of the cycle, Battaglia beat Defense and Justice from start to finish, a rival he defeated 2-0 thanks to goals from Sebastián Villa and Juan Ramírez, one in each half.

It was a balm for the coach to find the team functioning well, just when the tournament entered the definition stage and the same happens with the Copa Libertadores. The Xeneize appeared in its splendor to say “here I am”. That’s why La Bombonera was delirious as it hadn’t been for a long time.

In the first half, Boca’s dominance over Defense was total. Not only did he steal the ball (61 to 39 percent holding) but he smothered it in his own field. The Xeneize had several goal situations against a rival that practically could not pass the middle of the pitch.

Sebastián Villa’s climbs in tandem with Frank Fabra were a headache for Halcón, who neither knew nor wanted to play as he did throughout the tournament: he took refuge in his field and sought to hold on, surely because his physical reserve is not the best.

From the beginning, Boca continued to hurt, on the wings and at each stopped ball. He deserved the second goal before the first.

Ten minutes before Villa’s goal there was a controversial play: an overflow by the Colombian, center back so that Pol Fernández decreed the 1-0 that Andrés Merlos confirmed in the first instance but after being warned by the office in Ezeiza, he reviewed it in the VAR and canceled due to a “slap” by the Boca player on Nicolás Tripicchio. Review is a way of saying, because just at that moment the TV image of the referees had several intermittents and the referee decided to give support to those who were in his workplace.

In the same way, at 41 minutes, Sebastián Villa himself made the same move down the left wing of the attack, leaving the same player on the way and instead of looking for the pass he aimed hard at the goalkeeper’s post, which he missed. and let Boca go 1-0 before the break. Absolutely deserved for those of Sebastián Battaglia.

In the second half, Boca continued to play with the same intensity and continuity. It was there when the figure of Alan Varela grew, who became the owner of the ball in the middle of the field and from there gave Villa play on the left and Toto Salvio, who on the right began to be a real problem for the defense of Defense and Justice, which conspicuously could not capture the game that characterizes it so much on the court.

Just after 24 minutes, the visitors were able to get their heads out of the water and began to show some of their credentials, with Kevin Gutiérrez and Gabriel Hachen, who exposed Boca’s problems in the setback. And, as often happens in football, whenever the games are not defined they begin to become a problem. The same thing happened to Boca, who did not deserve to suffer in any way. The changes implemented by Sebastián Beccacece did his team good.

But on the first play that Paraguayan Oscar Romero managed to contribute a goal assist, Juan Ramírez entered the goal, the first midfielder to score a goal in this tournament. Assist from midfield behind Alanis for the 2-0 that definitely closed the game.

The final 10 minutes were over. The Halcón could never be in the game again, Battaglia moved the bench to rest some players and the fans enjoyed it as in the best times. Boca is back and it’s news.

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