Boca won it with dance and goals for all tastes

The dance of Villa and Fabra, partners in the previous play of the 1-0 of the Xeneizes against Barracas / Fotobaires

Sebastián Villa, Guillermo (“Pol”) Fernández and Exequiel (“Changuito”) Zeballos, with one goal better than another, although in plays of different characteristics, sealed Boca’s 3-1 win last night over Barracas Central, which temporarily equalized through Neri Bandiera, and installed the team led by Sebastián Battaglia at the top of the professional league standings, with one game more than some of the pursuers, including Estudiantes.

The meeting had as its epicenter the Islas Malvinas stadium, of All Boys, in Floresta, for Boca it was a rehearsal of the series that lies ahead against Corinthians, from Brazil, for the Copa Libertadores, and after a balanced first half, the cast blue and gold found the formula that allowed him a broader victory than the final result indicates.

Due to its size, the field was the first obstacle for Boca during its visit to Barracas, a team that seems to feel more comfortable at the Islas Malvinas stadium, owned by All Boys, in Floresta, than at Tomás Adolfo Ducó, owned by Huracán, in Parque de los Patricios, where he served as a local, recently promoted to First Division, in the previous tournament.

The pressure exerted by the “Guapo” reduced the chances of the midline Xeneize in his idea of ​​moving the ball from below, and in a match that was initially far from the goals, a shot by Paulo Mouche, which rose above the crossbar It was the first dangerous situation.

With no game, because the ball traveled high up, Zeballos appeared as the possible key to open the waiting defense. The youth lay down on the right, complicating not only his marker, but the entire defense. Still, he lacked a broader panorama to intervene Darío Benedetto and the flyers who usually came accompanying.

A center back connected by Fernando Valenzuela, which ended up in the hands of Agustín Rossi, and a run by Neri Bandiera on the left, with everything in favor, which Alan Varela neutralized after a great run, certified that under the proposed terms, Barracas Central had some kind of advantage.

Until at 41 minutes, Boca moved the game to the left, Frank Fabra reached the bottom and joined two markers, one of which left Villa, who took a right hand whose trajectory made its final destination in the upper left corner of the goal. defended by Rodrigo Saracho. great goal

But… When the end of the first half was in sight, in the middle of the first added minute, Iván Tapia took charge of a corner kick from the right, the left-footed shot traveled to the middle of the area, where Bandiera appeared, who in the race won the position from Guillermo (“Pol”) Fernández and shot the goalkeeper, sealing the 1-1.

Prize for Barracas and the planning of the meeting by Alfredo Jesús Berti, impeccable until Villa’s aforementioned appearance. With little, tightening the spaces in the central strip, obviously by adjusting the marks, and the search for Valenzuela through long balls with the axis of attack, he was up to Boca.

Sebastián Battaglia’s team seemed more adapted in the complementary stage, and in the midst of a tight process, Marcos Rojo tried from outside with a bombshell that covered the goalkeeper and with the game located in the Barracas field, a new encounter between Villa and Fabra left the winger free to take a low center that Guillermo Fernández took advantage of first, practically below the goal.

Immediately, Dylan Glaby brought Villa down and his expulsion left Barracas with one less. The Xeneize team did not let the numerical advantage pass, and after a couple of high-risk attacks, an assist from Villa served Zeballos the third, which he defined after eluding the goalkeeper.

Match liquidated in what has to do with its winner, but open for a win, because the dominance exerted by Boca in the final stretch was absolute, with high-risk plays that took place against the Barracas goal.

So comfortable did he get to the end, that Battaglia had room to make changes aimed at rehearsing for what is to come, against Unión for the local tournament, on Friday, and Corinthians for the Copa Libertadores, the great goal, next.

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